Thursday, November 30, 2006

Subah savere

7 55 in the morning and I was walking towards my cab ka stop. Thats when I saw him
His back was bent,every step was as if in pain. It was a surprise how he was walking at the pace he was.
And the load was obviously too much for someone his age.
I could somehow discern that neccesity was'nt the reason why he was doing this; his family was probably forcing him into this, I thought.
I wanted to help him out but was in a dillema. You know some people would consider it an affront, if a stranger offered help.

He was almost passing me now and I decided to help him anyway.
That's when the school bell rang and the little guy called on all of his energies into a final dash towards the school gate.


harshavardhan reddy said...

haha...T'was like readin a suspense thriller all the while. good one. reminded me of my school days, n the fancy schoolbag(n its load) i used 2 carry around.

Di said...

aha..but really can sympathise with the guy..I had measured my bags weight wen i was in the 7th grade and it weighed all of 7KGS!! dont ask me y i weighed it,u've seen me do weirder stuff..:)

Strider said...

thnk u!
u know what the school I studied in is within the colony we stay in and I can see my juniors goin to school everyday... each day starts with "school ki yadein" so to speak :-)

Me too! the poor guy was walking as if he were leaning on a non-existent staff! :-(

Somehow I never complained about the weight of my school bag...(strong boy, I was!)

7kgs?! hmm!!
and yeah .. have seen u do wierder stuff!! care to compile them and put them on ur blog? will make a nice read ;-)

Arpana said...

:( poor kid ... I yet carry a huge bag slung around my shoulders though ! :D

Strider said...

I know! :(

you carry a laptop home,do you?
hmm lots of parallels here ;-)

Aragorn said...

Dude... As u know, I carry a treasure hunt with me... ;).... nice one :)

Strider said...

I know :)

Life Lover said...

Such a familiar sight and a sad one too. I remember my bachpan ke din when I see these poor li'l kids. The days when I had PT class the bag used to weigh an extra two pounds uffff :(

Strider said...

two pounds??
You were forced to take your shoes to school and not wear them ??!!

reborn said...

:) Im sure he would be glad to let u carry the bag ... though i m not sure if u can carry it easily ...

Strider said...

I am sure abt the former...
not so sure abt the latter (are mai hu bhai)