Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kuch sunehri yadein v2.0

If you have read "Swami and Friends" you would probably remember how Swami felt when he had to join Board High after being dismissed from Albert Mission.
That was how I felt when I was moved from the main office(MO) of my company to a satellite office (SO,if you will).
At MO I had my own Rajams and Manis (no Pea though) . At SO I knew nobody.

But as days went by, I made friends at SO too, the closet among which are AT,Bhav-Bhav and Beegee. Now AT is from Madhya Pradesh, Beege from Tamil Nadu and Bhav-Bhav is a Kannadiga like me.

Considering this one might expect a lot of "bhashaon ka adaan pradaan". Yes there was, but it started in a very wierd fashion.

Here I was sitting at my cube looking at some code and Beegee calls up. Now Beegee is a typical good girl quiet and reticent and so I was more than just surprised when she said "Eh tapori lunch?".

At lunch that day I was to know that AT had told her that "tapori" meant good guy in hindi.
And to add to that AT showed this not-so-unobvious derision to southie culture!!
Bhav-Bhav and me decided to give it back to AT (Incidentally Bhav-Bhav calls me her "Mubola Bhai" :-) )

Here's a list of things in kannada we taught poor AT.

What we taught: Barole
What we said it meant: Yaha aaiye. (Please come here)
What it means: Idhar aa be!

What we taught: Nanage kannada baralla. Nanna hitkondu tadki!
What we said it meant: Mujhe kannada nahi aati. Please adjust kar lijiye.
What it means: Mujhe kannada nahi aati. Mujhe peeto!

/* we thought of teaching him this but refrained from it. Putting it here anyways */
What we taught: Odihogona Baa.
What we said it meant: How are you?
What it means: Lets elope!

/*There were many more. Just can't recall any right now. Will ask Bhav-Bhav.*/

By the end of this session AT had seen through our ploy for we couldn't help doubling up with laughter!

Another trick we used to employ was that Bhav-Bhav or me would just say to the other:
"Sumne sumne nagu" (Aise hi haso)
and both us would laugh like mad at AT, leaving him perplexed as to what we were laughing at.

Those were the days my friend.

Just when I was starting to feel at home at SO, they moved me back to MO again.

Here are a few pics of SO.

A typical cube. (Not mine though! :( )

Ye tha gali ka road. Ek aur corridor ko ham main road bulate the,AT ne uska pic nahi liya!

Our cafe! Achha tha!

Cafe ka ek aur pic! That guy looks drunk but isnt!

One of the best things about SO was that the airport was very close by. We could actually see planes take off and land. During the first few days would rush to the nearest balcony to see it land or take off. Oddly enough before this I had never seen a commercial plane land , though I had seen Airforce jets land.

SO ke terrace ka view! Ek hasin shaam as AT put it.

Good bye SO!


Di said...

pics real good..esp last wala...:)

Strider said...

Thank you! :)