Sunday, July 30, 2006

On sleepy afternoons and idle evenings I close my eyes and look inside. As I get lost in those
whirlpools of mist and thoughts I land in a beautiful meadow ,bright and redolent. The sunshine evokes memories of happy times, when if I could I would have stopped time and captured those few moments that make a whole lifetime worth living.
I see all that makes me smile here, books lots of books , of carefree times on the field , of idle hours of chit chat, of thosefew moments of untold happiness.....
I walk past smiling faces, to find myself in a suddenly dark and gloomy corner. Here there is no sunshine but gloom, all pervading gloom. Sombre and impassive faces stare back at me , speaking through their silences; those eyes, those deep eyes , tell tales of untold sadness,of losses yet to be forgotten and scars yet to heal.
At last I am out of those depths to find myself in front a throne, high and majestic. I climb up the steps sit on throne and look down. And
it seems from this hieght all you can do is look down on people. The throne, in spite of all those illusions of splendour,I find is hard to sit upon. This high you are alone, with none but your own bloated ego;no mirth,no happiness. I find I can't sit here for long, although I see I visit this place often. I realise the need to be bring myself back down to earth. Sense prevails and I am on solid ground again.
As I move past the throne, a solid door, barred by chains confronts me. This is where the animal resides. The animal as they say,if let loose will wreak havoc and bring about untold misery upon us all. They say each one of us has one of this kind within us. But I have my own take. The animal can be tamed but not the cold,calculating, shrewd ironically inhuman human mind ,which if left untamed can cause such havoc the animal can't even envisage.
Better leave that door alone for now.
As I walk past the door, I start hearing a soft tune. 'Haven't I heard this somewhere?', I wonder. The tune grows louder and louder until everything is being blown apart by the sheer force of the din. I wake up with a start only to find my mobile ringing, the tune of 'California..California'. Its kirika. The adda beckons. ;-)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Blogs blocked(And here I was cursing my inept self again)
and if you are one of the babus who came up with this gem of an idea read this :
Di takes on the establishment

Just when all this hullaballo about seurity measures were being bandied about two females (can I hear somebody crimp? well chod yaar 'female' is k) and a male drive right through the security cordon of our dear Mr M Singh. The two females in quesiton were babes if you ask me... (Good to see some news story can also be eye candy sometimes)

Kya ho raha hai is desh me??
Chal yaar ghar jana hai .. ma ka khana pukar rahi hai....

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Strategic investment and me

Over the past fortnight, we (Chungi , koli and me ) have been hanging out on most evenings..We meet at dairy cross and usually have an ice cream (chocolate wala) or some fruit juice ...or go out to the auto guy and have some roti shoti...Every time its pay back time ( ;-) ) I reach for my purse but these guys wont let me pay!!(In Stark constrast to people back at coll... man the coll ke log have a lot to learn! ;-) )
Usually thats a good thing but these guys have their own reason (which they have been making clear right through the hols). Apparently, I am their passport to a bindas life after I join the Company...I am a 'strategic investment with high returns'!! (their words not mine)

Well so much for all the treats ....I know the guys are joking, of course.

Corporate connection

We have this custom where in you go to some Swami ji and get branded with the blessed marks of chakra and shanka.Yes I said 'branded'. A long rod with a stamp of the blessed symbols is heated to red hot temp and then the Swami gets to brand us all. And to top it all, it is on the day of ekadasi, a day of fasting.
Does it hurt ? Yes it does but only for a minute or two, and a day or two of irritation lingers on. But the version my friends have heard involves searing skin and burns that hurt for a whole month or two. ;-)
Any way today was the celebrated branding day and I promptly missed it. :) Mom and Dad left early to the matha to get it done ( they've stopped expecting me to go along with this).
As usual(at least for the hols) ,got up late.
Weren't we all meeting today at coll??So I dropped off messages to B and Ab. Ab called me up and told me no one was coming ecxept him and so I dropped the idea too.But then as I hung up, B calls me and tells me that we are supposed to meet up at around 10 30 and go watch 'Corporate'. "Sharp 1030 man",he insists. As usual I got late reading the paper and rushed through breakfast (much to the expected chagrin of granny) and left around 9 45 riding dad's activa.
Along the way near Hebbal, the much hated Mama was on a spree booking hapless offenders and I realised my LL had expired a week back and 'renew LL' has been on my todo list for quite some time now. So I kept a steady pace and was about to rush past the mama when he smelt the offender in me and promptly pulled me over. I put on a 'you caught poor law abing yours truly??!' look and when he told me my LL had expired appeared to be shocked; asked him to let me go .. of course it doesnt work unless you are a girl,,,and so the mama asked me to pay up 200 bucks and after much persuasion settled for 100 ( shit 100 hard earned freshly out of the ATM bucks!!).
Bad day?? Wait there's more. Reached coll at about 10 45 and found that I was the only one stupid enough to be there .. Msgs wnt flying to B and Ab again. Ab calls me and finds the whole situation totally funny and he hasnt heard of any plans of watching a movie; banda promises to be in coll in twenty mins.Fortunately, minchu's open. I login into my gmail a/c and voila! Wonder of wonders guess who's online ?? B!! And apparently most of the gang's cooling their heels at home..Su's online too, and tells me he convinced people to stay at home!!
Are yaar!!
Forty minutes later , B and Aks arrive.They collect their Course completion cert..We are off to GP to have lunch... Mean while Ab insists he wont come ...So four of us Aks,P,B and me are off to Vaibhav to watch 'Corporate'.
Well the theatre was fine but what a movie!!
Going by the promos you expect Bipasha to head a small company and take on the big behemoths and come out trumps..Turns out this one's a rip off of the cola wars with the pesticide issue and a PSU thrown in .. and as the cliche goes the abala and bholi nari (read Bips) bears the brunt; only Bips isnt as bholi as she seems.
After sitting/sleeping/yawning thru the movie we are off to coll again..Drop B and head back home ... Hungry like hell
At home mom and dad have come back with the mudres(the branding ka result) .. Mom teaches me the nuances of makingmaggi .. which I master :) .. I must say I am better at eating though..
Having eaten it like an ogre go out wid Chungi and Koli ...C and K seem to view me as a strategic investment .. More on that later..Koli takes us around in his car... Stayed at his place till 9 30 ... came home, watched OC in spite of granny shouting herself hoarse "SLEEP!!SLEEP!!" and slept...
Whew man ..
PS: Actually the branding does hurt.

Oh Brother Where Art thou??

Pavana's two years elder to me. And thus we have always been close. In fact people used to wonder if we are twins (how could they??). As is with all brothers , his friends are his and mine mine and as far as possible we avoid interacting with each other's friends in each other's presence. But that doesnt stop him from asking questions;lots and lots of them. His usual one in the vernacular is "enandru ninn friendsella?".
Of course it is another issue that I manage to steer clear of most of these but just. And yet another that he wontanswer any of my questions. He's a Salman Khan fan and God help me if a Salman movie is on air... Right from 'Har dil jo pyaar karega' ,'Lucky', 'kahi pyar na ho jaye' to 'love' no movie of Salman can ever be missed... so if one of these bland movies is on air have to sit through it all...
Having said all this he is the best bro in the world!! just dont tell him this...
Pavana moved to a room near his office a week or so back on a temporary basis and was set to drop in day before. I must,say, this past week has been quite bland without the constant 'tale tinnodu' of my brother. Just when I was about to miss him, here he comes back and spoils all the missing part..
He has brought his laptop along .. which I found rather handy and cool ...Watched fanaa on it ...Bro was watching 'Ghajini' in the meantime.. don know where he caught this tam movie bug ...must be from Pradeep.
Bro will move to his room again tomorrow .. A few weeks of shanti can be expected ..But too much shanti's not good either...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Last day of coll

The last day of our college life had finally arrived when we sat down to write our DM exam. Till then I had'nt realised that, that day would probably be the last time I'll meet many of our class mates. The exam went bad , and there I was guage how I felt about the whole thing.
I dint feel sad , more like hollow. As if I had lost something . as if something were left undone. And before I could mull over it all, we were on our way to Sudarshan , back to our bickering, wandering ways and everything was normal again.