Friday, July 28, 2006

Blogs blocked(And here I was cursing my inept self again)
and if you are one of the babus who came up with this gem of an idea read this :
Di takes on the establishment

Just when all this hullaballo about seurity measures were being bandied about two females (can I hear somebody crimp? well chod yaar 'female' is k) and a male drive right through the security cordon of our dear Mr M Singh. The two females in quesiton were babes if you ask me... (Good to see some news story can also be eye candy sometimes)

Kya ho raha hai is desh me??
Chal yaar ghar jana hai .. ma ka khana pukar rahi hai....


Di said...

actually it wasnt a was a curse.. ;-) cool link de rahe hain aap yahan..he he he

Strider said...

read this somewher
"You dont really know how to swear until you learn driving"

SO tune bhi cursing shuru kardi huh?!

Di said...

naah..while drivin me cool...but u shud here the curses i spew wen i open my orkut account.. ;-)