Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Strategic investment and me

Over the past fortnight, we (Chungi , koli and me ) have been hanging out on most evenings..We meet at dairy cross and usually have an ice cream (chocolate wala) or some fruit juice ...or go out to the auto guy and have some roti shoti...Every time its pay back time ( ;-) ) I reach for my purse but these guys wont let me pay!!(In Stark constrast to people back at coll... man the coll ke log have a lot to learn! ;-) )
Usually thats a good thing but these guys have their own reason (which they have been making clear right through the hols). Apparently, I am their passport to a bindas life after I join the Company...I am a 'strategic investment with high returns'!! (their words not mine)

Well so much for all the treats ....I know the guys are joking, of course.


Aragorn said...

College guys won't do that because they don't want to hurt you by not letting you pay when you really want to....of course, it's a rare incident but this is the funda behind it. ;-)

Aragorn said...

College guys won't pay because they don't want to hurt you by not letting you pay when you really want to... of course, its a rare incident..but this is the funda behind it.;-)

Anonymous said...


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