Monday, October 23, 2006

Should I be happy or should I be sad?

In a Past Life...
You Were: A Kind Philosopher.
Where You Lived: Alaska.
How You Died: Buried alive.

Since the last post

Finished a two week long induction training course( It sounds like some outdoor obstacle course doesn’t it?). The course involved day long lectures ( euphemistically called presentations). Had lots of fun. So did four of my friends who shared the last bench with me! ;-)

Been to an outbound session near the banks of Kaveri with 33 other freshers. Had loads of fun. Made lots of new friends. Among other things jumped from a 65 feet high branch, constructed a rope bridge between two trees and actually crossed it too. And did I mention a game we played ,which invited (incited??) a three hour long heated and insightful discussion from the facilitator?. If you ever play a game where X and Ys are involved, choose Y,all the time. Guess this calls for a separate post…..

Ajji (granny) got her cataract operation done (while I was away at the outbound :-( ) and struts around in her new shades. ;-)
She says she cant see clearly , doc says it takes time.

The very first project of my life as a software engineer got stalled(or “put to a logical end at the design phase” as the management would have it). My colleagues here started talking of layoffs and how I was much better off than them because I am a fresher… Amidst all the uncertainties , our fears were at last laid to rest last Thursday. There will be no layoffs ,atleast in my team ,although the future of other teams working on the same project seems uncertain. :-( I really feel sorry for these guys. The amount of effort and the passion with which they put it, surely makes this very hard to bear.

The last event will have three consequences. Firstly all of the study and rampup I put in , in the last two months ,not to speak of the trainings I undertook for this project, adds up to zilch. Secondly, I may be moved back to the old office where my pals work. :-) Thirdly, till I am assigned another project, I am totally free (well almost, my company expects me to acquire new skills in this period of lull. Aint blogging an art form and hence a skill too??). :-)

Diwali this year was a low key affair. But it sure brought back lots of memories.. Like the time when bro got hurt while trying to light a flowerpot and fifteen minutes later our neighbour’s son lit the same flower pot (and got hurt needless to say).
Nice memories …..

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Which famous movie are you?

I have to run ... I'll probably miss my cab ... But then thought i'll let you know which famous movie I am supposed to be...

Added later:

I didn't miss my cab! :)
And if you have watched Schindler's list do let me know if its good....
Check out the comments for some interesting fare...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Operation Chubbyface

I eat at my own pace (read slow, real slow). And my friends are happy. Why? Here’s why:

After the prodigious task of deciding where to eat and what to order in order to satisfy the eclectic appetites and yearnings of the diverse juntha, that I refer to as friends, we settle down to lunch/break fast (and on rare occasions dine) together. Now my friends eat at an insanely quick pace (or that’s what I think) ,and before I can say “gliba”, are done with their food.

Now comes the best part. While I battle my food bravely(did I hear somebody say patiently?), these guys get to do what they do best. P gets to use his razor sharp wit and has us in spits, Anju gets to take retake no 3 (man this will get me into trouble) of the-exciting-story-in-office, Su keeps count of the retake count and points it out rather politely (punctuated with a polite laugh that is so characteristic of him) ,T laughs at almost everything, Aragorn swings between alphenlibeying* and occasional sabotage of other people’s food and Di takes in all of this like a sponge and laughs randomly at a joke cracked at the other end of the table!! Now if that isn’t quality time what is?? So now you know why these guys are happy.

The situation at office is different. No, I haven’t started eating like all of you do.( The times they are changing my friend, but yours truly remains the same vintage self he was.) I still eat slow. But I am concerned about my office-lunch-mates.

While I battle my food (literally if I happen to have the cafeteria’s food) these guys finish their lunch, sit back and talk. And sooner or later somebody brings up office talk which figures around the no of bugs X’s been allocated, the enormous work and the looming deadline that Y’s battling and so on. And I am concerned for these guys, for office talk if taken in large doses has been known to affect humour, health and personality. So I look at the state of these guys’ plates and when they are about to finish, I remark at the enormous amount of food my dear mom has put in my dabba and wind up.

What this means is that I end up half hungry half the time and everybody from my chahcha’s mom-in-law’s second cousin to my very own brother remarks at the un-chubbiness of my state of being.

What’s the solution?
Operation Chubbyface

Now they are two reasons to embark on operation chubbyface. The first is apparent from the above. The second is due to the realization after much research that female juntha has this annoying habit of choosing chubby jokes over skinny blokes.

Here’s the details.

Its pretty simple actually. All I have to do is use the panacea that my Ajji (granny) keeps recommending; which is EAT EAT and EAT!
So I plan to eat my fill at every alternate hour and stuff apples and juices and chocolates and bondas and pani puri and ….. into my apparently lean tummy. So what if I am hungry half an hour after lunch? The next snack break is just half an hour away,,,,

Can I hear somebody laughing all the way to the bank??
Phalo phoolo café wale bhai sahab!

* What's alphenlibeying?? You better ask Aragorn

Random ramblings of a lost soul

Overheard at office: ”I have twenty boyfriends but only two girlfriends”. Bhai Casanova ka koi connection hai tere saath??

Got to watch “Who lamhe”, the tagline’s very alluring.

My dear old Salman-fan brother just got a gift from his friend. Six DVDs full of Salman movies and songs.

The best plan of action to keep Belgaum inside our side of Bharath is to close down Bangalore city for a day. And to air only kannada fare on a day when you cant step out.And to make people work on a Saturday in compensation. To hell with Vatal Nagaraj!!

Heard of a band called Goo Goo Dolls? No? Join the club because I hadn’t either. But these guys have written this wonderful song called Iris. Just listen to it if you can. (Drop in your mail id I’ll mail it to you.)

Why do people write songs with the words “tere bin” , “judai” , “tanhayee” and "yaadein”?? Can’t these people stick with “tu cheez badi hai mast mast” ???

“But for misery there would be no humour”, said Mark Twain. How true.

Have to go to office tomo! :(