Saturday, July 07, 2007

Bungee brownie park

Now there are three things in life that one should try at least once.* Of these three, you'll definitely want to do the first one again and again, the second one never again and the third one .... err that depends on your temperament and taste. So lets cut the chase and get down to the three things

1. Bungee Jumping!!

Yo people! After planning things out for a week (which means tons of mails spamming every which inbox and mail server), returning back home disappointed on the first day (Windy conditions spoiled the party) and waiting for 7 odd hours the next day, we finally got to bungee jump! Man was it awesome!! Just wish the instructor gave people more time up there. It was like you go up with him and as you look below (we were hoisted around 140 m in the air) and try to soak it in, he barks 'Hold your arms straight in front of you! Loosen your body and when I say 1 2 3 jump, jump! 123 jump!!''. And you are just standing there petrified. Its only after a moment or two that you gather enough gumption to actually jump. And when you do, oh boy, what a sensation you go through. The whole world around you goes bonkers. The ground seems to hurtle towards you at break neck speed and just when you come around to think that life insurance is not a bad idea after all, the rope goes taut and you go high up again! For a few seconds more elasticity and gravity have fun at your expense, and then its all over. The whole jump lasted all of ten seconds ( the first downward motion must have taken three seconds), but you go totally nuts in those ten seconds and trust me its worth every paisa you pay!

2. Eat 'Death by that-brown-thing-that-girls-like-to-eat'
If you can eat more than once cup of 'Death by that-brown-thing-that-dairymilk-is-a-brand-of' at Cornerhouse, all hail thy sweet tooth. I wasn't able to finish one cup of this blasted thing! And I feel sick when I hear that brown thing mentioned!! To top it all today is supposed to be 'that-brown-thingy's day!! I saw this pic in today's newspaper and was sick to the stomach.
Added later : What I meant was you gotta try this once! After this, you'll either like chocs even better or stay away from it for a month or two at least. I am doing the latter right now! :P
3. Watch South Park

South Park is an animated series about the lives of four fourth graders, Kyle, Kenny, Stan and Eric Cartman. These guys live in the small mountain town, South Park hence the name.
Try and get your hands on one of the episodes of this series, its hilarious (and totally over the top , totally politically incorrect , sometimes vulgar). These guys have parodied everything under the sun. I might just write a post about one of the episodes I watched.

Btw are you watching Wimbledon? This year has seen some amazing tennis. Did you catch the Bartolo-Jankovic match, or the Serena-Henin one? My money is on Bartoli for the women's title. (But wish Henin had faced Venus in the finals, what a match that would've been!! ) This lady(Bartoli) has loads of talent and if she could just get less chubby and improve her fitness she'll go a long way. Boy, didnt that Gasquet fellow play some awesome tennis against Roddick?

Ps: Call it irony or whatever, since I wrote the last post, work at office has become more hectic than ever!! But what are weekends for? :D

* If you'd expected something more.. erm.. sophisticated like maybe going around the world, or watching the sunset at the North Pole or something ,remember that I've had a 55+ hr week and that my world view is limited to the bugs that are waiting on me and what I will do over the next weekend right now! :P (You're thinking are ye post khatam kyu nahi ho raha? Me too! chalo chao! )