Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Which famous movie are you?

I have to run ... I'll probably miss my cab ... But then thought i'll let you know which famous movie I am supposed to be...

Added later:

I didn't miss my cab! :)
And if you have watched Schindler's list do let me know if its good....
Check out the comments for some interesting fare...


Sayesha said...

Helpful to your fellow MAN?? Hahahahahahaha! :D

Di said...

the post wasnt funny..bu tthe prev comment was!!! :D sry but..rotfl

Strider said...

Strider helps his fellow man
as much as he can,
but he never leaves the "straight" path,
chahe nikle praan


Grrrrrr...(non-mean grrr)
Hope you were not wearing the whitest of all your dresses when you were rolling on the floor... :-)