Monday, October 23, 2006

Since the last post

Finished a two week long induction training course( It sounds like some outdoor obstacle course doesn’t it?). The course involved day long lectures ( euphemistically called presentations). Had lots of fun. So did four of my friends who shared the last bench with me! ;-)

Been to an outbound session near the banks of Kaveri with 33 other freshers. Had loads of fun. Made lots of new friends. Among other things jumped from a 65 feet high branch, constructed a rope bridge between two trees and actually crossed it too. And did I mention a game we played ,which invited (incited??) a three hour long heated and insightful discussion from the facilitator?. If you ever play a game where X and Ys are involved, choose Y,all the time. Guess this calls for a separate post…..

Ajji (granny) got her cataract operation done (while I was away at the outbound :-( ) and struts around in her new shades. ;-)
She says she cant see clearly , doc says it takes time.

The very first project of my life as a software engineer got stalled(or “put to a logical end at the design phase” as the management would have it). My colleagues here started talking of layoffs and how I was much better off than them because I am a fresher… Amidst all the uncertainties , our fears were at last laid to rest last Thursday. There will be no layoffs ,atleast in my team ,although the future of other teams working on the same project seems uncertain. :-( I really feel sorry for these guys. The amount of effort and the passion with which they put it, surely makes this very hard to bear.

The last event will have three consequences. Firstly all of the study and rampup I put in , in the last two months ,not to speak of the trainings I undertook for this project, adds up to zilch. Secondly, I may be moved back to the old office where my pals work. :-) Thirdly, till I am assigned another project, I am totally free (well almost, my company expects me to acquire new skills in this period of lull. Aint blogging an art form and hence a skill too??). :-)

Diwali this year was a low key affair. But it sure brought back lots of memories.. Like the time when bro got hurt while trying to light a flowerpot and fifteen minutes later our neighbour’s son lit the same flower pot (and got hurt needless to say).
Nice memories …..


Di said...

hey suspense kyun spoil kiya abt the X and Y..gadha!!

im sure ur ajji looks full hi-fi now...wud love to c her..get a pic.. :)

u gonna b bak in CVR!!! arre just wen we were enjoying rselves..che..!! he he..kidding...welcome home!!

Strider said...

Are bhai .. koi bhi Y nahi lagayega ... worry not..

Are tu bhool gayi kya?? maine tujhe ajji ka pic dikhaya tha!! chod anyways phir se dikhaunga...

thank you!!! Should I say "Soooo sweet of you" ?? he he he