Sunday, July 30, 2006

On sleepy afternoons and idle evenings I close my eyes and look inside. As I get lost in those
whirlpools of mist and thoughts I land in a beautiful meadow ,bright and redolent. The sunshine evokes memories of happy times, when if I could I would have stopped time and captured those few moments that make a whole lifetime worth living.
I see all that makes me smile here, books lots of books , of carefree times on the field , of idle hours of chit chat, of thosefew moments of untold happiness.....
I walk past smiling faces, to find myself in a suddenly dark and gloomy corner. Here there is no sunshine but gloom, all pervading gloom. Sombre and impassive faces stare back at me , speaking through their silences; those eyes, those deep eyes , tell tales of untold sadness,of losses yet to be forgotten and scars yet to heal.
At last I am out of those depths to find myself in front a throne, high and majestic. I climb up the steps sit on throne and look down. And
it seems from this hieght all you can do is look down on people. The throne, in spite of all those illusions of splendour,I find is hard to sit upon. This high you are alone, with none but your own bloated ego;no mirth,no happiness. I find I can't sit here for long, although I see I visit this place often. I realise the need to be bring myself back down to earth. Sense prevails and I am on solid ground again.
As I move past the throne, a solid door, barred by chains confronts me. This is where the animal resides. The animal as they say,if let loose will wreak havoc and bring about untold misery upon us all. They say each one of us has one of this kind within us. But I have my own take. The animal can be tamed but not the cold,calculating, shrewd ironically inhuman human mind ,which if left untamed can cause such havoc the animal can't even envisage.
Better leave that door alone for now.
As I walk past the door, I start hearing a soft tune. 'Haven't I heard this somewhere?', I wonder. The tune grows louder and louder until everything is being blown apart by the sheer force of the din. I wake up with a start only to find my mobile ringing, the tune of 'California..California'. Its kirika. The adda beckons. ;-)