Friday, November 24, 2006

Rag tag

I found this here
Tagged myself and so here we are.
Have done the ones with a "X" mark.

( ) smoked a cigarette
( ) done some form of dope
( ) crashed a friend's car
( ) stolen a car
(X) been in love
(X) been dumped
(X) shoplifted
( ) been fired
(X) been in a fist fight -Long ago in school
( ) snuck out of your parent's house
(X) had feelings for someone who didn't have them back
( )gone on a blind date
(X) lied to a friend
(X) skipped school
( ) seen someone die
( ) had a crush on one of your Internet friends
( ) been to Canada
( ) been to Mexico
( ) been on a plane
( ) eaten sushi
( ) been skiing-snow or water
( ) met someone from the Internet
(X) been at a concert
( ) taken painkillers
(X) love someone or miss someone right now
(X) laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by
( ) made a snow angel
( ) had a tea party
(X) flown a kite -loooong ago!! :) bachpan me
(X) built a sand castle
( ) gone puddle jumping
(X) played dress up - fancy dress competion me
( ) jumped into a pile of leaves
( ) gone sledding
(X) cheated while playing a game -he he he
(X) been lonely
( ) fallen asleep at work/school - wish I had
(X) used a fake ID - yeah and dint get caught!
(X) watched the sun set who hasnt?
( ) watched someone sleep -must do this some time
(X) felt an earthquake - yeah .. were in the midst of a chem class .. the teacher was the first to rush for the door!!!
(X ) slept beneath the stars - roof top
(X) been tickled - many many times .... kaka ki yaad aati hai :)
(X) been robbed -
(X) been misunderstood - the latest involved the word "poor".I said "let the poor guy go". The guy took it literally :X!!!!
( ) pet a reindeer/goat/kangaroo -
(X) won a contest
( ) run a red light/stop sign
( ) been suspended from school - bahut baar dhamki zaroor mili hai ;-)
(X) been in a car crash a minor one ..
( ) had braces -
(X) felt like an outcast/third person - yeah kabhi kabhi .
( ) eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night -
(X) had deja vu - many many times
( ) danced in the moonlight
(X) liked the way you looked
( ) witnessed a crime
(X) questioned your heart - are bhai kitne bar hua hai ye :-P
( ) been obsessed with post-it notes -what?
( ) squished mud through your bare feet
(X) been lost -
( ) been on the opposite side of the country - nahi :-( ek din apne desh ka har hissa dekhunga
(X) swam in the ocean - yeah during our class trip to cochin .. floated must be more like it
( ) felt like dying
( ) cried yourself to sleep - I am too cold a person to cry over trifles
(X) played cops and robbers
( ) recently colored with crayons
( ) sang karaoke -
( ) paid for a meal with only coins -
(X) done something you told yourself you wouldn't - bahut bar
(X) made prank phone calls - Di was at the receiving end! :-D
(X) laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
( ) caught a snowflake on your tongue
( ) danced in the rain -
( ) a letter to Santa Claus
( ) been kissed under the mistletoe
( ) watched the sun rise with someone you care about -
(X) blown bubbles //oddly i cant blow a bubble out of a chewing gum!
( ) made a bonfire on the beach
( ) crashed a party
( ) gone roller skating
( ) had a wish come true -
( ) jumped off a bridge
( ) ate dog/cat food
( ) told a complete stranger you loved them
( ) kissed a mirror
(X ) sang in the shower
(X) had a dream that you married someone
(X) glued your hand to something // the iron box qualifies?
( ) kissed a photo
( ) climbed a water tower
(X) screamed at the top of your lungs -
( ) done a one-handed cartwheel
( ) talked on the phone for more than 5 hours
( ) picked and ate an apple right off the tree
(X) climbed a tree - climbed a sixty feet tree and jumped off it... ha sab safety measures the!
( ) had a tree house
( ) been too scared to watch a scary movie alone
( ) believe in ghosts
( ) have more than 30 pairs of shoes
( ) worn a really ugly outfit to school
( ) gone streaking
( ) gone doorbell ditching
( ) been pushed into a pool/hot tub with all your clothes on
( ) told you're hot by a complete stranger
( ) broken a bone - kabhi nahi.... :-)
(X) been easily amused
( ) caught a fish then ate it
( ) caught a butterfly
(X) laughed so hard you cried
( ) cried so hard you laughed
(X) cheated on a test -
(X) forgotten someone's name - I display a new-found curiosity about the layout of their visiting cards or ids!
( ) French braided someone's hair
( ) gone skinny dipping in a pool/hot tub/river
( ) been threatened to be kicked out of your house or been kicked out of your house
(X) loved someone so much you would gladly die for THEM
( ) cheated on someone -
(X) talk to yourself when noones around -
( ) hate someone you once loved - Not possible!
( ) love someone you once hated
( ) kissed the phone for the person on the other side - what?

Who do I tag??
I tag you! Take this tag up if you liked it.


Di said...

hmm..done a smiliar tag but will take it for timepass...:)

sneha said...

hey, this one's nice! n btw, i did tried the googlism thing and gosh! some sounth indin actress is also sneha n it's filled with tamil actress stuff!! *horror*!!

Strider said...

@ Di:
I know! I did take tht up .. but all my effort went in vain :(

Thank u! U r taking this up then?
Yeah, this googlism does dish out strange results,doesn't it?!!

Thanks for stopping by! :-)

Anonymous said...

have taken it up...

Strider said...

Nice yaar! :-)
Thanks for stopping by

harshavardhan reddy said...

nice one. i think I'll post it too.

Strider said...

Welcome to my place!

Anonymous said...

Nice tag yaar... Did something similar sometime back though!
Thanks for dropping by anyways.. :)

Strider said...

@smiling girl:
Welcome to my place!!