Friday, November 17, 2006

Googlism for: strider

Check this out.
Go to Googlism and enter your name.
This is what I got:

strider is included on a separate disc when you buy the sequel
strider is dead
strider is a powerful fighter
strider is interesting to describe
strider is a skilled hunter and tracker and continues to learn and improve thanks to his mother's influence
strider is the same height as mousse
strider is the 6th producing male in the futurity/maturity tabulations
strider is automatically moved from one scene to the next
strider is producing his finest qualities in his get
strider is versatile and easy to use
strider is a six
strider is a blur of action
strider is always apparent
strider is the one game i had never played
strider is forever
strider is definetly a class act
strider is very maneuverable
strider is confident that the odds are not three on one
strider is the macho sort who'll always sacrifice a crewmember to save the ship
strider is one of my favorite genesis games
strider is still talking
strider is a love story wrapped in a
strider is already running
strider is well drawn and basically resembles the strider found in marvel vs
strider is a athasian halg
strider is as full of references to mother russia as 1943 is to the land of the rising sun
strider is as intuitive as it gets for an arcade slasher
strider is taller than eight
strider is one
strider is pannucci's contribution to a water sculpture project which she has developed to travel around the world
strider is seen leading a pony into the countryside
strider is by far the most promising wrestler in the midwest
strider is on team 1
strider is happy that they are being more cautious than they were downstairs
strider is concerned
strider is an athletics
strider is pretty good
strider is nearly arcade perfect with all the levels and bosses intact
strider is rough and weather beaten
strider is an agent of an espionage organization called striders
strider is also not responsible for information that may be found on other sites
strider is a unique icon in the surfing world
strider is a race game simulating middle
strider is a fun game but not as good as it's arcade counterpart
strider is submerged in water it carries with it a large bubble of gas entangled in the hair
strider is a chance to play a landmark game
strider is a sure thing
strider is about 21 cm “tall”
strider is an accounting professional with more than 20 years of experience
strider is malaysia
strider is married
strider is great game for genesis that was a port of the arcade game
strider is willing to try if they will let him
strider is to breath under water
strider is the first ch basenji to earn the na and oa
strider is pretty cool
strider is a contemporary suspense
strider is
strider is an all time classic video game
strider is one i haven't heard before
strider is now
strider is able to walk on water is because of surface tension
strider is a walking war machine
strider is the mobile version of atlas speaks
strider is a ways off
strider is a very cool animal


Di said...

this was such a fun thing!..the best for Di were:
--di is beyond the scope of this course //ofcourse she is..she is way beyond any scope..he he he

---di is currently held in a detention centre in taiyuan :O

--di is greater than 0 //thats a relief!!

--di is a method by which regular and disadvantaged students alike can learn to read in grade one

--di is welcomed at the pearly gates by st //dekha..i told u i was an angel!

--di is no longer supported by lotus //and i declare i dont need their rotten support..hmpf..

--di is the most listened to station on shoutcast//how appropriate!!

--di is burning in hell //how rude!

--di is such a snoot//ofcourse not!i strongly object

--di is the ultimate family//huh?!!!

Life Lover said...

strider is a walking war machine

LOL, is this true, huh!?

What a fun way to waste time ;)

Strider said...

Welcome at the pearly gates huh?
Probably they'll take you to the heavenly primary school and tell the kids "bachho shaitani karoge to aise banoge"
he he ;-)

@Life lover:
And am also :
married (Not much diff b/w the last two or is there? ;-) JK)

Curious to know what responses you got!