Thursday, December 07, 2006

Chain reaction

How many times have you recieved a mail or an sms that is similar in spirit to this :

"some crap about friendship or some photo of some idol goes here
An officer has received 2 million dollars after sending it. Robert lost more than 2.1 millions for not sending and breaking this chain letter. Please send 20 copies and see what happens in 4 days.This chain letter comes from SIRDI !!

What rot!! (This mail comes from Sirdi, does it?? crap!!)

I have recieved such mails and such sms so many times and its time to do something about this crappy thing! Why does one forward this kind of crap to others anyway??

I remember back in Jan (or was it Feb?? ) of this year I had recieved an sms one night saying

"If you want good results in the exam fwd this to 20 people. Dont send it back to me! If you dont then you will fail" (sic)

And I KNEW that our seventh semester results were to be out the next day!! The worst part of such smss is that if one of friends in ur contacts gets it,you are sure to get more than once copy of this same crap. (Ignoramii all) The same shit over and over again!!! Man!!!! I deleted that sms only after sending it back to each sender... Was I pissed!!

And by some quirk of fate I got the worst results of my life that sem. No , it wasnt that stupid sms, it was my effort (lack there of ) that seemed to fetch the kind of results I got.

Its time to make the guy/gal that sends such an sms see the stupity of all this!


dharmu said...

jeez, i totally agree with you! and i dutifully delete every bit of it.

Strider said...


Di said...

mera total opposite hotha hain...the day a black cat crossed my path i got the best results of my school life!! :D

Strider said...

maine kab kaha mujhe uske wajeh se kam mila!!

par nice to know even kali billi
cant thwart her majesty's results!
:D lol

The Eternally Confused... said...

:) Talk about incessant spammers! God only knows what is the pleasure to be derived by all this jazz... And excuse me, but when one doesnt work hard to achieve something how do they expect divine intervention?

Isnt it tantamount to asking God to be unmerciful towards all those who toiled hard? :)))

Strider said...


A slogs like hell. B sends a stupid msg to twn people. Who's more deserving??