Sunday, December 17, 2006

Roadies anyone?

Hmm so people are gung ho about Big Boss aren't they?
Well lemme talk about the reality show I prefer watching ....THE ROADIES!!
Not for me all the sob stories about lost careers , all the bitching about co stars...

I prefer young people doing some stupidly idiotic things and just laughing at them...
Lemme tell you how Roadies works.

Twelve people started the journey from Kerala. Through out this journey (or say each period of the journey that makes up an episode) the Roadies face some tasks and at the end of these tasks there's a vote out. The person who gets voted gets the boot. And the winner of the tasks usually gets immunity from the vote out. The roadies win handsome cash in some tasks. The roadie that survives till the end gets all the money.Pretty simple huh? Not quite! There's lot of drama (pretty funny sometimes) whenever a vote out is impending. People change like... hmmm like the fortunes of the Indian cricket team (yeah they played really well today did'nt they?)
And throw in some PYTs viz Roopali, Sonam, Bani and you can't ask for more!!

Among the current roadies (at the beginning of today's episode) are :

Bani (this one doesnt care a fig for others , I am betting on her!)
Roopali (very pretty. laughs at the most conniving-ish part of the episode! )
Sonam (My fav. Beautiful)
(The way she talks is funny. Like some small kid. Imagine a kid saying "wo poooora bheeg gaya" with movements of the hand etc)
Raj (God! How did this guy get through the auditions??? Speaks crap all the time!!)
Sahil (Looks bewildered by the politics essayed by others)
Anthony (Looks innocent but is not! Lambi race ka ghoda hai)

Its been some thirty minutes since the latest episode of Roadies season 4 got over and it was the most hilarious episode I've watched!!

The task this time was to present a dance in groups of two and the group that is judged the best would go on to win immunity. The dances were the most hilarious ones I have ever watched! It was amazing.

Raj was disgusting (Poonam was his partner. Poor P) . Bani was totally funny (She did dance well, but it was funny alright!! Danced to the tune of Chamma chamma Sahil screwed things up though!) Sonam screwed up though Swati her partner danced pretty well. The best dance was that of Anthony and Roopali. They danced to Garam Masala and it was awesome. Chemistry was there, synchronisation too!

And guess who the judge was??

Raakhi Sawant!!
And it wasnt normal Rakhi Sawant! It was the version that had poore clothes on!

And when all the dances were over and done with, the Roadies were asked to stand on the dias and Vj Ranvijay asked Raakhi Saawant,"Inme sabse kharab dance kiska tha?" and fiercely frank Raakhi points a stabbing finger at Poonam and Raj and says "Inka worst tha!". Talk of in the face dances , she is in the face in everything! Hilarious! Eventually Anthony and Roopali won immunity.

And then at last after a vicious circle of dirty lobbying vote-out time arrived. And this time, to the surprise of the Roadies, they had to vote out two people out!!

At the end of the voting process , Swati, Sonam and Bani had four votes against them and to break this tie there was another vote out.After some nerve-wracking moments (unke liye bhai , mere liye nahi!) Sonam and Swati got voted out!!
Shit man! Roadies without Sonam! Poor Roopali was in tears!
Ok ok zyada hogaya ab mai post end kartha hu.

mai kat letha hu ... aap khayal rakhna!
Good night!

Ps: Oh yeah! Look forward to a post about last saturday and about how slogging hard can be fun and extremely fulfilling too!


Life Lover said...

hey this sounds like a fun thing to watch, but i don't have hindi channels on my tv. bahut na insafi hai sarkar. he he :) anyhoo i'm sure you are having fun, rock on!

Mosilager said...

didn't rakhi get kicked out herself from some reality show? wonder if this stuff is up on youtube.

Di said...

dekhe hain ek-do episodes is ke..par as u know tv-viewin at home is strictly a luxury.. ;)lookin fwd to the next post.. :)

Strider said...

@Life Lover:
Yeah it is! :D
Hindi channels nahi aate?! are :(

Yeah? No idea! You are talking about Big Boss I guess...
No this aint on you tube! :(
they have lots of reruns though!
Welcome to my place!! :)

kaisa laga?
@tv==luxury, yeah I know! :(
par comp == luxury for the rest of ur family rt?? ;)

Isha Reddy said...

thanks for being the first person to scream on my blog .. you know which one..

no its not too much .. but heaps of countries have mandatory rules .. like minimum rural service etc .. for doctors n stuff.. they should exploit it on a larger range..
coz india does need it!

Aragorn said...

Hey, I thought ppl in Big boss are away frm everyone and are not allowed to meet any outsider for 3 months, i.e., till Big Boss gets over.. I wonder how Rakhi was here.. I guess either I have misunderstood the rules or some lafda here.... neways...this show atleast sounds better than Big Boss.

Strider said...

Oh is it?
Maybe they shot the shows a good six or seven months ago!

And yeah Roadies does seem the better among the two! :D