Sunday, February 04, 2007

Me, a movie person?

Its nice to be back in the blogging circuit!

Do you know what happens when you pour hot coffee into a porcelain cup throw it out and then put some ice cubes into the cup?? It cracks up due to the extreme change in temperature!! I've had two weeks that were chockablock with esoteric technical training and two weeks in which I was more or less free. See the similarity?

If you have read this blog diligently you will remember that a friend of my bro had gifted him a slew of Salman Khan movies. Did I hear you gasp?
But as if in atonement the very same friend gifted my brother with a host of other infinitely more sensible movies!!
So the last three weekends were spent watching all of these movies!

Here are some of the movies I've watched and a one line review (Non-spoilery of course) of each of them:


the "inspiration" for the tamil movie Ghajini (wonder what Ghajini means). Well made but confusing. Good one.
The Incredibles
Very good! Much more than the usual superhero fare you expect. Incredibly funny.
The Shawshank Redemption
One of the best ones I have watched till now. Must watch!!
Final Destination
Final Destination 2
Final Destination 3
Part 1 was great, part 2 was good, but after part 3 impaled torsos, heads stuck in the lift and such supposedly grewsome things induce a protracted I've-seen-it-all yawn. Don't ever watch all three together like I did.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Nice one. Somehow I've grown immune to horror flicks. But this one seemed good.
Pulp Fiction
One of the handful of Quentin Tarantino movies. (I knw you knw but this guy was the one who made Reservoir Dogs the "inspiration" for our desi Kaante and Kill Bill)
Seemed mad, totally mad. But when the movie gets over somehow u come to like it.
Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind
Assaulted Peanuts (nice name na?) had written about this some time back. Read it here. I must warn you it has spoilers. The whole idea is about something that enables one to erase a person completely from one's memory and the kinda consequences/confusion it brings in its wake. Must watch.
Batman Begins
Nice one. Liked this quote "And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up".
A Scanner Darkly
total crap.
Rocky Balboa
Uff this guy just can't go away can he? The underdog story yet again

Eternal.... deseveres a special mention. I was fascinated by the idea of removing a person totally from one's memory. You could remove a person from your person completely and the next time you met, the other person will be a total stranger to you. But I was left wondering whether such a thing is actually worth it. One of the pros is all the pain that a person caused or is causing you could be forgottten in an instant but the con that goes with this is that all the good times will be gone too!! I think its not worth it at all! If all we had were good memories life wouldn't be life would it?

What do you think? If given a chance would you erase somebody entirely from your memory?

And yeah!! Did I tell you?

PS :
This post is dedicated to a person (let's call her Anjali) who does this:
Gang of friends: "Hey put-in-a-movie's-name chale?"
Anjali: *puts on a pained i-wud-have-come-if-i-could expression*
"I am not a movie person! :-( ..... Aaap jao aur enjoy karo! :-) "

Next day:
Sorority:""Hey put-in-the-same-movie's-name ke bare me suna hai? achha hai it seems"
Anjali: *jumping around* "When are we going? When are we going?"


@Assaulted Peanut :
If Anjali kills me after this, take care of this blog man!


Di said...

hmmm lemme answer all ur qs ..mainly coz im jobless right now:NO i wudnt wanna erase ANY matter how painful/annoying/sad,after all they make me the person i am today..(i know,heavy!)
and Anthony won roadies! cool...diplomacy does pay after all..
and abt "Anjali" ROFL..but trust me...shes DEFINITELY gonna kill u dude...u'll c soon..She does thank u for the dedication though...but shes still gonna kill u!

Strider said...

@yaade chodna nahi hai:
yep u mirror my thoughts! :)
@anthony won:
I wanted Bani to win!
Anjali claims to be a very kind,sweet,gentle girl remember?
Bet she'll take it with a jarful of salt! :-D

ravishing nymph said...
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ravishing nymph said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Isha said...

bani should have won .. she's awesome.. shez hot and has such a great attitude... man~ !!

Strider said...

@ravishing nymph
u have two avatars?? ;-)

I know!
But the way the voted-out roadies spewed venom about her was filthy for lack of a better word! Sore losers all!

arpana said...

//What do you think? If given a chance would you erase somebody entirely from your memory?

more than one person buddy.
Can i erase myself too? please!

Strider said...

i bet one of them is ur boss!

@"erase myslef"
kabhi nahi!
phir tum Jason Bourne ki tarah killing spree pe chali jaogi!
kabhi nahi!


arpana said...

aah ... so you love that trilogy as well eh? cool!

Assaulted Peanut said...

he he.. lol for Anjali's anecdote... and I guess I'll soon be managing this blog too;). Cool movies mate...Hope to get few movies which I haven't watched in this list from u ;). I guess even Shawshank deserved a bit of description like Eternal... u can even link to my blog for that too.. the post with title "Hope springs eternal":)...nd abt erasing someone... already mere blog mein bahut pakaadiya yaar ;)

Strider said...

@anecdote: He he :)

@movies: anytime dude

@redemption:yeah .. thot abt tht but then decided that discussing the movie will probably spoil the fun....