Friday, January 12, 2007

Chow Chow Post

Here's what I found in one of the forwards that a friend sent:

Dear Friends,

i promise i will follow my new year resolution with all trust and all pains.........
This is my resolution for the year 2007 ..... (Scroll down and have a look )




My Resolution for this Year 1024 by 768 pixels!!!!!!Whats yours ??

If you can't see the bright side of life, polish the dull side, like me....


Now I have a 100% track record when it comes to resolutions! :-)
Because of the simple reason that I have never had any resolution in the first place!! :-P

K .. bad joke! But here's what I may or may not do this year. But at the end of this year if I find that I had put my best effort into doing these, I'll be more than happy.

1. Eat properly and at the correct time. And dont be the last one to finish lunch!
2. Write good posts . (Ahem ... k this one's a goner! )
3. Exercise everyday. OR Play football as often as possible.

As you can see I dont put much pressure on myself.

The new year has brought a lot of changes in its wake. In the first week of the year I learnt that I have been moved to a new team yet again! In the short five month career I have had till now, this is my third team. It goes something like this:

Join team.
Break ice with new team mates. Go on team outing. :-)
Attend training sessions. Do a lot of study.
Attend a breaking news meeting where I get to know I'll be joining a new team. :-/

Sab study ka satyanash!! I hate these breaking news meetings!!! Hrmp! :-/

The past week has been very hectic. I've been attending five-six hour long sessions everyday. And I can't even pretend that I am listening , because firstly, the work involved is pretty complex and I have to have some basic knowledge just to go about my work in the new team and secondly we have quizzes (apparently the results will be made public :-( ). Hence the break from the tradition that started four years ago in college. To be fair the sessions are interesting, but I am actually paying attention to lectures after a long time. Hence the grumpiness.

K enough of my ranting (and yeah I have a bus to catch too)!

Happy Sankranthi/Pongal to all of you! :-)

Have a great week end!


Isha Reddy said...


Di said...

all th ebest with ur resolutions especially ...u know the one.. ;)
and the quizzes?! they were actually serious abt them!?

Aragorn said...

Happy pongal buddy :)... and all the best in carrying out ur resolutions... wud have been better if ya had chosen some easier ones like the one C has chosen ;)

Strider said...

Yeah! LOL!

very clever di!
I presume u referring to #1.
And no these arent resolutions!!
These are such .. hmm wat dyu say? pointers?

happy sankranthi to you too buddy!
u always busy in gtalk?!
ANd yeah those arent resoultions just pointers!

Morpheus said...

Abbe saale.... Itna likhtha hain....... thak nahi jaatha hain kya?!!! aur mere team keliye... It is supposed to be one of the best teams and it is now the best team as soon as I entered..... :-)

Strider said...

as long as padhne wale nahi thakte its k i guess! ;-)

abt ur team: hmm achha chal to treat de !! :D

Life Lover said...

resolution joke was a pj but what the heck, loved it!! :)

Strider said...

He he!
I did too! :-)

PritS said...

Why dont you open a new team where you teach them the easiest ways to cope up with team change. :)

Strider said...

Gr8 idea!
Hope my manager likes it the way i did! :-P

Life Lover said...

new post likho!!!

Life Lover said...

you've been tagged, now maybe you will write :p

Strider said...

@ life lover:
ur wish is my CLI command! :-)