Thursday, February 08, 2007

Life's grey at the moment

This post was written yesterday at around 11 in the night or so.

I have been Mr Grumpy today at office. Although I didnt let it show I was believe me.
Am I pissed at life?? I have this one question that I must find an answer for. I cannot share this question with anybody. Its pretty confusing. Add to that the fact that I have not been assigned any work. I am a person who's happiest when busy. If I am busy I'll not find time to ruminate and questions like the one I am facing will not come to the fore. But I am not busy now. This idleness is taking its toll. Add to that the fact that I have not been sleeping well for the past few days and you have Mr Grumpy fresh out of the oven.

Have I told you I am an angry young man? Not one of those who are perpetually angry, but those who explode once in a while and God save you if you are close by. I have mastered the art of controlling this rage so if you ask my friends about this they'll probably laugh at you. But ask my dad who calls me Durvasa muni from time to time. The most recent outburst was about an hour ago. There was a bit of shouting and I lost it for a minute. The amazing part is the duration of such outbursts is inversly proportional to the intensity. I was my normal self moments later. I hate it when I lose it.

*Shuts the comp down and fades into darkness*


arpana said...

thats okay ... everyone's entitled to their 15 seconds of rage. ( only, one needs to decide how long those 15 secs are gonna be)

Morpheus said...

Hmm.... Nice to hear you too are short tempered ;-)... People dont believe that I am short tempered... :-)
But right now I have learnt the art of controlling anger.

Isha said...

i think most people are plagued by this.. i think one must pursue not being able to repress the anger mind you.. or to will it to go away.. but to will one's self to keep from getting angry in the first place.. life is too small and most things too trivial to get angry over...

as far as your question, the solution is the most obvious one.. ofcourse if it doesnt have a solution its not a problem at all in the first place....

keep rocking strider.. we can all be human.. :) try being superhuman for once .. :) keep the anger at bay!

Assaulted Peanut said...

Dude, you have the answer in your post and still are trying to find it... its just the consequence of idle state of mind man...Stuffs such as blog, Wiki, Youtube are there all the time to rescue us from idle-and-hence-question-myself state....and a fleeting anger is not a big deal... An anger mind with a reticent mouth would do no harm.... just the next minute, we'll be back to normal state.(Too much of heavy philosophies.. courtesy Wikipedia ;) )

Di said...

ok angry bachha time jab zyada gussa aaye tho eat a huuuge chocolate by telling really really really works.. :-| dont worry ...u'll b fine.. :)

Life Lover said...
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Life Lover said...

i agree with di above, chocolate does work wonders--- its not just the taste, it has something to do with the fact that it lets happy chemicals float in the brain! :) but on a more serious note, have you considered yoga and anger management classes...those seem to help, good luck and hope you feel better very soon, kuch nahi to put your head in a bucket full of ice ;) aur haaaan, wherez my tag???

Strider said...

thanks so much people!! :-) :-)

15 seconds once in a blue moon is k na?
aur 15 seconds tak ir ealise how stupid it was! :-p

join the club mate!
lets start some anger management class shall we??

hmm ... prevention is better than cure eh?

the answer aint obvious! :(

i do keep the anger at bay 99 out of 100 times its the 100th occasion tht lets it out!
thanks so much! :-)

the q isn't "how to while away time?"!
is sawal ke to hazaro ans hai mere pas!
and a fleeting anger is not a big deal.
thanks mate!! :-D

oye bachha kisko bola re! :-x
apan angry young man hai, ala bachhan! ;-)
choc is a panacea eh?
lemme try it out!
thanks! :-)

@life lover:
are bap re! aap mujhe commit kar doge kya? are itna bhi prob nahi hai baba!mai bas kabhi kabar gussa hota hu bas! and didnt i say I have mastered the art of controlling this rage :-)

hope you feel better very soon
yaar,i was normal after ten seconds! :-)

wats wid ladki log and chocolate?
koi bhi bahana chalega kya choc khane ke liye? ;-) he he

thanks so much!!
aur ha, aapka tag jald hi kar dunga.. thik hai? :-)