Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yenjoy madi

I want to whine about the fact that I've not been able to watch 300 although I was the first among my friends to learn that such and such a movie exists, and have, on last count attempted to watch it on 5 different occasions. So here goes,


Now that thats done, here's something much happier. Six of us are leaving for Oooty tomorrow night and hopefully we'll have a whale of a time out there!!

Adios amigos and amigas!

Cia at the other end of this long weekend. Have fun! :-)

P.S: Whine jhine jaye bhad me!! Watched it today!! :D


fling said...

dont u think i should whine now? i havent seen 300 nor m i going for a weekend trip.

enjoy urself there. i havent been to ooty but i know its a fabulous place.

n regarding my last post.. thank you for liking it so much. infact my next post is ready but will post it after a few days. this one just got too long! n i didnt want to bore u guys with a long long post. :p

Strider said...

are phat se khandala nikal lete na!

we did enjoy a lot! i'll prolly post pics here! :)

and do publish ur new post jaldi!