Saturday, March 24, 2007

Two thoughts and a sight to behold

Imagine India, the person(not Mr India for God's sake!) living in a small shack somewhere in the country. Everyday India is rudely woken up by the shrill ring of his/her (India may not be Mother India after all) telephone and when he (ok! lets assume he means he/she from now on) picks up, someone says "Jaago India Jaago" in that jingly tone. India slams the phone down but he can't go back to sleep now. He looks outside his window and sees a whole crowd camped out there. This lousy bunch has the idiotic habit of chanting "Indiiiia India" although sometimes India has heard them chant "Sachiiiin Sachin" too. India has no clue who Sachin is and is immensly irritated by the crowd's chanting his (India's ) name. All through the day, some or the other chap knocks at India's door and when India opens it, the other guy shouts "Come on INDIIIA DIKHADO". India slams the door on his face. He turns on the TV and lo someone's singin "East or West India is the best" (remember the song from Judwa? ). This brings a smile on India's face. India takes a walk every evening through the streets of the town nearby and occasionally he hears someone say "India ka kuch nahi hone wala. Yaha ka system hi kharab hai". India doesnt know the guy who said this butdoesnt care, having listened to this kind of crap all his life. But what bugs him is the crowd outside his shack. Last I heard India was planning a vacation with Ms Bahama. Enjoy madi India!

On the way to office yesterday I read this
"Delhi Chalo"
"Haq maango"
"Musalmano ke liye alag quota maango"
on a poster.
This set me thinking about reservation in the education sector and how it sucks. Then I had an idea. What if we could have an engg and a medical college (and a mgmt school) for every two or three districts that cater only to students with reservation? We could get the best teaching talent and provide the best infrastructure possible in these colleges. We may leave the politicians to fight over how much % of quota each sub group should get in these colleges. All the other colleges will admit students only on the basis of merit.
But will such a solution be acceptable to the lobby that's 'For' reservation? One reservation the lobby may have with this solution is that having a seperate college for reserved candidates will be a neo-discrimation against them, but wouldnt the best teaching talent and the best infrastructure make up for that?
What do you think?
On the way to office I stopped at this signal today. The signal after the left at Nandidurga road to be precise. At this signal I noticed a group of eagles scooping down to pick up some piece of meat that lay strewn on the road. There were vehicles plying on this road!! The eagles would time their dive perfectly (Avoiding the traffic of course!) .I managed to witness two or three succesfully executed scoops! It was an amazing sight.


Di said...

arre usse kuch nahi hotha...cum to think of it, its goin back a few steps actually.Unintentionally its the old style separate schools for the blacks and white thing.. See either ways u dont win.. :)

fling said...

i dont think this college thing would work. people will take it in the negative sense. we know how the politicians are. one person is for it the other is against it.

and about the eagles. isnt it really nice when we notice such things? small things which we never bother to look for? never have the time to look at?

nice post

arpana said...

random enough post ... but the social ills, well we'll need a better way to outwit these bloody politicians

Strider said...

di :
hmm :-/
u can neithe have the cake or eat it! :(

abt the quota .. have to agree wid u .. no politician will sacrifice his vote bank!
and thanks! :)

somebody bring a huge broom; lets clean this system up!

arpana said...

lets do it .. lets do it , someone should begin it , why not us? and no, Im not saying this as comment , Im saying this as a concrete thought and a will to actually roll up the sleeves and DO IT.

Isha said...

im practically married to wentworth .. you know come home to a husband that talks you but doesnt seem to listen to what you say .. :) .. but stays there and looks cute anyway ..

Strider said...

what should our first step be?
lets start being what we expect others to be.
do you have any other idea?

cute miller is fine .. what if he had a Burroughs to rescue? would you lend him a hand?

Life Lover said...

i miss observing a thousand little things on my way to work like i did in india, ohh how i miss it...btw had fun reading your post :) especially the eagle observation...good!