Saturday, March 03, 2007

Not the usual crap

A hectic week! No time for the usual music-blog hopping-occasional orkutting (is that a word or did I just invent it?) - stumbling routine and I would not have it any other way!! :-) Hopefully the next few weeks will be as busy as the last week was. And yeah, we've been promised some developement at last; something to look forward to!

Now amidst all of the work, I read "The God of Small Things" (TGOST) thanks to the long commute I take to work.

TGOST is easily one of the best books I've read. What makes it special is the way it speaks so much by saying so little.

The book is about Ammu and her twin children Estha and Rahel. One of the most moving stories I've heard. It speaks of the immense, selfless love a mother has. Of the indescribably beautiful love kids have for their mother. Of the inexplicable twain that binds twins. Of the hypocrisy of human behaviour. The small things that matter so much (but are not given the attention that's due to them) and the supposedly big things that shouldn't matter. Of how inspite of how badly you want to press that reset button ,go back and undo something, you just can't do that!! At the end of the book you feel just that! You want to go and stop Ammu, or stop Estha and Rahel from walking down the paths they are. But you just can't.

Its a beautifully woven story that touches base on so many things. Read it if you can.


fling said...

sounds like a nice book. will add to my list of 'have to read' book. next on my list is 'the last mughal'. have u read it?

Di said...

wen do i get it!!! :(

Strider said...

Yes its amazing! :-)
The last mughal by Dalrymple right?
haven't read but heard a lot about this book ...i'll try to get hold of it then!

are bhai is reading it now! will pass it on once he's done thik hai?

Isha said...

whoa .. thats crazy ..

i am actually trying to procure the last mughal .. i have read .. THE LAST NIZAM .. which made me weep like a baby and smile like a toddler .. and most of all kept me wide eyed with wonder and anguish about the nizam's lifestyle ..and the history of the private estate that formed 1/3 of hyderabad for the last three hundred years .. hmm

Isha said...

oh and i did procure MOHANDAS... which im reading right now .. :) i didnt know non fiction could give so many kicks and thrills

divya said...

god of small things... was beautiful and yet disturbing!

Strider said...

there is a book called The Last Nizam?!!
Is it by Dalrymple again??

Non-fiction can be fun too right, if you are into something passionately?

Very true!

fling said...

the last mughal and god of small things. i got both of em from the bookshop. will tell u which one i liked better. no new posts?

arpana said...

i somehow din like the book ... very morbid, but yes very interesting.

Strider said...

Great! :)
hey I was about to buy The Last Mughal as well but a friend dissuaded me! :-/
do lemme know how u liked both!

sad i would say. But isnt there beauty in sadness too?

Assaulted Peanut said...

ok...would like to read it after reading ur post... can ya pass on the book?? ;)

Strider said...

sure man .. once di is done with it!

arpana said...

hmm , but the morbidity bordered on repulsiveness to me. very few books have that effect on me ... and I read books by the dozen a week I must confess. another book Im reading right now is the bogunvillea house ... it is similarly morbid and repulsive, but yes interesting too ...

Strider said...

havent heard of Bougenvilla house!
who's the author??

I have Shantaram and The Last Mughal waiting to be read... but no time! :-/