Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Refuse the offer,Mr Murthy

I do not want Mr Murthy to be the President of our nation. No, it has got nothing to do with the brouhaha about the national anthem incident. I believe that anthems, symbols and flags are for just that- symbols - and the dignity of even a single man holds more value than all the symbols of the world put together!

My reason is that the office of the President has no power to bring about change. All Mr Kalam has done (leaving aside the exemplary example he himself is) in the last four(or is it five ?) years has been to set roadmaps, set visions and talk about what we , the youth of this nation should do - in short preach. To be fair that is the most one can do as President anyways. ( I must confess that I am unaware of any positive change that Mr Kalam has brought about, do correct me if I am wrong!).

Wouldnt it be futile to waste four years of such a personality as Mr Murthy? Mr Murthy has much to offer. Let us ask more of him; let us not allow him to be a powerless rubberstamp.


Ann M said...

i disagree dude..! Mr.Murthy will do justice to his post if he becomes the president..
1) he built a software giant in an developing country ,ok forget the fact that half the ppl sittin there are on bench..!!
2)he was instrumental in puttin india on the IT Map
3) he is not politically connected which impiles corruption is not inbuilt in him.!!

Strider said...

@ Ann :
I agree with you in that Mr Murthy has all the credentials. But look at the job profile!

What will he acheive? The most a president can do is send a bill back to the lower house for re-consideration,apart from hosting all kinds of ceremonies.

Do you think the man who built an IT gaint should be a figure head?

fling said...

lets hope things happen for the better now. i dont know what to think about this!

Life Lover said...

i tend to agree with you...why waste such a visionary by pushing him in a position with almost no power? but here's another thought..why don't we reorganize and redefine the role of the president of india? maybe it is time we do this and elevate this powerless position to a more powerful one...then maybe someone like mr. murthy can do his bit..just my two cents.

Strider said...

i hope so too.
Hey you changed the url of ur blog! kyu bhai?

@life lover
hmmm... how about Mr Murthy for PM?

Di said...

dekh IMHO wat he can do or not a different matter..i dont think our country has ever been as proud of our president as with Mr.Kalam...we are proud enuf to want to shout it from the roof-tops. At times like these where there seems to be an extreme scarcity of role-models(the only "role models" seem to be actors ...who are fine..but thats not really wat we want our whole country to turn into)...Mr.Murthy leading the ountry wudnt really be so bad.

Strider said...

Agreed that Mr Kalam is a great role model for all of us. But isnt that fact immaterial of whether he is President or not? After all we are proud of him not because of the office he holds but because of his acheivements.

the same reasoning applies to Mr Murthy also.

//Mr.Murthy leading the ountry wudnt really be so bad.
no, a President doesnt lead the country a PM does.

fling said...

hmmm just like that. didnt like that one

Strider said...

@fling :
k :)

whats in a url , said blopspeare.. apparently u have different ideas! ;)