Monday, September 04, 2006

Kissa badal gaya

It has been almost two weeks at this new office. Yes I admit I was totally pissed off at being "moved " here cos among other things I missed my buddies and this new office is way too far from my place than the old one. So it didn't come as a surprise then that the first two days here were a real pain.

In fact the first day here was a first half-day. I was happily idling my time away at the old office assuming I'll be moved at the end of the month or even later. I should have continued doing the same I guess. But the teeny weeny conscience I have forced, me to call my manager of my own accord. He told me he'd been trying to contact me all the time (and that's probably why he wasnt there at his office when I went looking for him that day. Imagine him yellin hindi-movie-style strider kaha ho tum!!) Che I shouldn't have called him cos he then went on to inform me that I'll have to leave the old office right then, period!! I put off going to the new place till I had lunch (which usually means ,for me , a delay of an hour) and after the rona dhona of judai, (naaa just kidding) was off to the new office.

The auto guy I picked for this noble duty of ferrying a newly joined maasoom fresher to his sasural, if you will, had no idea where my new office was. It was after an hour of suttyfying (roaming without sense of direction that's kanglish maga!) we (yeah auto-guy and I were a team now) that we ended up at towers. Uff at last here it is I thought. But the towers housed no office of my esteemed company. I called up mu buddies back at the old office and asked them the address of this place (yes I was dumb enough not to note the address when I left) and found that the off is at supreme!!! back to the auto and after half an hour's suttyfying we at last found our destination. Guess I will be the customer of the year for that auto wala...I paid him a whole day's collection in one go!!
Any hopes of moving back to the old office were dashed ,when I asked my manager (who works here) about this small "issue" of mine. She looked at me as if I had just killed three people by biting them on the leg (if that isnt wierd enoughfor you you better go for audition for pysco 3) and said "NO".

The trip back home was even more horrendous, cos yours smart truly got down at a stop that was around 10 kms from the stop yours smart truly had to get down. Are bhai mai kya karu, sab flyoverek hi kok ke hi to aulad hai!!
I wont bore you with the traivails of the second day. You may conclude safely that I was totally pissed off and consideredthe whole episode extremely unfair.(More unfair than this guy's plight who fights a whole series of WWe survivor series matches, wins and then gets a ticket to "Himesh Reshamiya-Live in concert")

What brought the turnabout in my attitude and perception was a story a friend of mine related (and a bit of soul searchingif i may add).
Here goes the story:
" A gentleman with enough wealth to make Azim Premji feel like ,umm lets see.. me, once threw a party at his huge mansion and iinvited everybody on the city's who's who list. Every body on that list as well as the who's he list turned up that evening...And more than a few college going guys too (free me khana aur coll wale na jaye to??) ... As the evening unfolded, our rich guy called for everyone's attentiontowards his huge swimming pool... The whole pool was filled with all kinds of reptiles and lizards (add whatever makes you squirm here..)This rich guy valued courage over everything else. And so he announced a grand prixe for any man or woman who dared cross the pool.The grand prize would be one among the rich guy's money, his mansion and his beautiful daughter."
" For two mins there was utter silence and then...SPLASH .. some guy had just thrown his hat in. After making Sunny Doel's machoishm look sissy like, the guy emerged from the other side of the pool.The rich guy was elated and then asked our hero "Young man, you've made me proud... What do you want? My money, my estate or my daughter?" The guy went on to reply "Just tell me who pushed me in!!" "

Now that you've clapped (or booed in case you'd heard this before), let me tell you my friend's take on this story and how it applies to my predicament...

She told me that my condition was similar to the guy who was pushed in.. It was'nt that guy;s choice was it?? But eventually it boils down to survival and coming on top,,,So whatever may be the circumstances , just give your best and you'll cross the pool, she said.

Hmmm nice thinking na..(I know you never figured that out from the story.. did you?)
So I am a new man ... The same office doesn't seem so forbidding and I have started enjoying my stint here as well :-)

I still miss my buddies but then I have a job to do..


Di said...

for the first half of the post i know u'll kill me for this but.. :he he he

for the second story wala thing: gotta say ur friend has a diff way of lookin at things..i wud have never put that moral and that story together!!!

Strider said...

he he that's ok (in true aragorn's pm's style)

ya even i couldn't but that friend happens to be one of yours to ... guess who??

Aragorn said...

Good man... keep writing such stories and their morals together.. so that I can read them and implement in my life... ;-)

Di said...

G???!!! :-O :-O :-O use kya hua?? pagla gayi kya??!

Strider said...

Thanks man!! Will try to live up to your huge expectaions man! ;-)

Naa... whoever said it was G?