Thursday, August 17, 2006

Birthday Blues

The day I had the privilege of visiting RGIT was S’s birthday.( S is a class mate of mine from school). And I got to know it was her birthday, when she called me in the morning and asked me to be at her place for the treat. Later in the day RGIT left a lasting impression on D and me, and I was back at my home by 5. I wasn’t too keen on S’s treat cos firstly I never knew it was her bday before she told me, secondly we have renewed our acquaintance only a few days ago in that reunion and I thought it wouldn’t be that great barging onto her treat, thirdly I had no gift for her.
Just when I thought she would have forgotten that she invited me (believe me I have been ‘forgotten’ quite a few times :-P), she calls me and insists that I be present (aint that sweet of her). I though I might as well take Kirik along but he was busy so I am off to her place alone. Chungi (who knows S better) was stuck at office and told us that he’ll be able to make it only by 9.
Believe me it isn’t easy striking up a conversation even with your old class mates after six long years (unless you are a female). I must have repeated the words “Motorola August 9” at least a hundred times. So I sit there smiling, laughing at all the jokes and leg pulling going on around me (lots of it goes on I was to learn) trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.
One great thing was that I found a person who could eat more slowly than yours truly! That’s D folks. Just when I thought I wouldn’t be the last one again, S’s mother forced me into a second helping and I was the last one again (Duh!). By this time I’d exhausted all points of conversation and was a lame duck all ears.
Just when I thought things couldn’t get any weirder, I found that I was the only one who hadn’t a gift to give and these guys have this weird idea of calling out the names of the people who contributed to the gift-for-the-bday-girl fund!! I sunk deeper into my chair wishing for the evening to end right there!! That was embarrassing moment 2309.
At last it was over and I guess only a person as stupid as I am would write such a post …..
Hmmm whatever….
And history repeats. It was M’s birthday on Aug 15 of all days! And again I confess I didn’t know it was his bday till he called me up and asked me to be there for the treat. And again I’ve renewed M’s acquaintance only a few days back.
Hmmm something’s wrong ( or is it?).. I am getting treats free me!!!
Chal yaar… Never look a gifted treat in its mouth.. (Duh!!)


Di said...

a gift isnt reqd dude....chilll

Sunil M said...

Hey G ke liye kya gift kareedey.

Strider said...

@D: i know yaar.. it wasnt like i was freaked out anyway

gift achha tha na?