Thursday, August 17, 2006

What do I do?

What do I do?
The first day at the Compnay ended with a bang. Mr. V met me at CVR and told me that I was going on a team bonding/building session for two days the next morning. I didn’t know what to say, and so had to go through with it.
The next morning had to get up at 5 30, (such a pain!!) and had to go all the way to CVR campus. Then we were off to Angsana, this spa resort not five kms from home.
The team( CDMA) is great. Met all kinds of people, the sweet ones, the career oriented ones, all kinds. This was the second time I have had to spend more than a day with complete strangers, the first being the SSB interview at Mysore. I am not a natural conversationalist and it took a lot of time to really get to know my team.
Over these two days we were made to play all kinds of games. A nice way of getting the bonhomie going was to divide us into groups of three and making us share such things as our most cherished childhood memories, one or more dilemmas that we may have faced, our achievements (mine was zilch in this case) etc. Other things like synchronized dancing, a lunar version of Lost etc added a dash of excitement.
The second day involved lots of introspection. We were made to depict by way of a “dramatic” skit, the undercurrents of the company. I thought it was just for fun, but was rather astonished by the way our ‘take’ was interpreted by the HR and the Managers. Hmmm why were we asked to make it ‘dramatic’ and then made to listen about we deviated from that utopian ideal??
Later we had a postmortem session where each side (the two being the developers and the managers) were asked to list out what they would do and what they expected of the other to achieve that ideal.
Meanwhile met my sub team called AS. The up side is that it’s a great team and I’ll work with C/C++. The downside is that I’ll probably have to move to Marathahalli which will mean I’ll have to travel over 30kms just to get to work. Man maybe if the place had a name that sounds better, things would be a tad better; whoever thought of ‘Marathahalli’?
I have to talk to my manager and sort out issue out.
If I have to move to Marathahalli, then we may be forced to move out of dear old Yelahanka after all. Having spent all my life here , that wouldn’t be a walk in the park would it?


Di said...

u can call marathhalli..."dream lane" for all anyone cares...unfortunately it wont chg a thing!!

Strider said...

yeah that's true as well

but you know what? dream lane is much worse than Mhalli.. a bit shady too..
wat r u thinking Di??? ;-)