Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yours truly ke bare me

This blog is wierd!
It started out as Backbencher's Inc and is called "Gliba" now.
It starts with some backbenching stuff , some forwards and only then does the usual blogger ki kahani start...
But there isnt a post where I have talked aboout myself.

So this post is dedicated to all those screaming, swooning females dying to know about me and the occasional guy reader too.
Naa just kidding, this one's just for you. Yeah I meant YOU!

My mind doesnt function in the normal way minds function...(thats not to say I am this weird jacko who runs around with a pin in a crowded bus, pricking people and laughing hysterically)

I believe in multiverses (ie that there are more than one universe). Each universe with its own God. And when our God (the creator of our universe) was putting in the nuts and bolts into my brain , along came Polly, the Goddess of Universe 337. Now Polly could give Ms Jolie a run for her money and so naturally our God got distracted and put a nut where a bolt must go, and then he said "sorry boss, ab tera kuch nahi hoga." before I knew what was happenin I was born.
What this means is I can remember the name of your aunt's greatuncle's third daughter's first husband's dog, that you mentioned six months ago, but seem to forget that my atm wala pin is xxyz instead of xyyz.

My idea of fun is anything that makes me lose track of time.

Here's some of those things
dumb charades :
We had eons of fun playing dumb charades .. And no prizes for guessing who the "dumb" guy was... Our team (P, A and me) was the best in the coll..won many times in our coll... and we even managed to get through the first round at iota RVCE only to be done in by sheer bad luck ... we got among other things "Rapunzel" to enact..Can guess what or who Rapunzel is??
Man, they dont call football the beautiful game for nothing.. Had loads of fun playing football in coll... Miss those carefree days now
I wud probably had been a librarian if I didnt have to support my ten kids and their andhi maaLove fiction especially fantasy.
Dosto ke sang latakna
Hanging out wid friends. The times I spent in coll wid friends doign nothing will be among the most cherished memories from coll. Once in a blue moon, the (now famous) chemical locha in my brain would make me feel like a total stranger among these guys and then this latking business wud be a real pain... But I reiterate my friends in coll are the best!
School ke dosto ke sang bhatakna ..
Having studied in the same school for 12 years I have a great many (pretty old) friends from school. When we meet up we just have a blast!! And to top it all , my school friends think I amthe most bhola bhala, seedha saadha ladka in the gang!! ;=)
Yeah I like coding. The sheer fun of solving some problem makes me enjoy this nerdish activity. (S%^t ... half of those screaming females ran away!!)

This list is incomplete (are bhai U certificate hai is blog ka)

Things I don't like:
Extreme caprice
That crunchy sound that people make when they bite into chips, papad ...

Well that's me

And btw if you know who Rapunzel is , bravo mate!!
Do you remember the story of a princess locked up in a tall tower? The one that grew her hair loooong so that her prince charming could climb up to her window grabbing her hair??
Rapunzel was the name of that princess..Wonder which hair oil she uses...


Di said...

achha bachha..finally post tho all ive to do is get those other erring friends of mine to post!!hrmph...

me too opening library :)...will let u know wen it materialises..

aur FYI aadha nahi..saari bhaag gayi...

Strider said...

@ladkiya bhag gayi
actually tujhe pata nahi unke saamne mai bhaag raha tha ,, to wo mere peeche bhaag rahe the ;)

sure man ... 50 50 investment ..par librarian mai banunga k??