Saturday, August 04, 2007

Dark bodings

He stood at the crossroads and turned back. He was confused already! He couldn't tell which path had brought him here, all four seemed identical. He stared at each in turn. Somehow he knew in his heart that one meant glory,one ignominy, one lead to pain and one happiness. As he started to wonder which was which and which one he should choose, a fog started setting in. He was astonished; it was sunny a moment ago! He looked up and inexplicably a dark sky bore down upon him. He pinched himself, certain that this was a dream. It hurt! He tried to remember if he had had a dream in which he had felt pain. There was no memory. Everything seemed fuzzy, the past, the present and as a result, the future.

The fog closed down upon him and it was dark all around. He closed his eyes (as though that would make a difference!). An idea!He tried to conjure light and hope in his own heart. But what was light? What was hope? He seemed to have forgotten what hope is! What light is.

What is hope? What is light?

One little clarification. The 'he' in this post is not me neccesarily! I was just thinking and voila!! I had thought this post out! Maybe the 'he' could be any of us.


Zee said...

it'll come when he starts moving....on the path that leads to happiness

The Black King said...

If he wills enough, then there will be whatever he wants at the end of the road he chooses. The reward lies not in the road he chooses, but in the fact that the decides to move.

Arpz said...

Life is forever a journey, never a destination. the destination is what lays beyond - i.e death.
No matter what paths are chosen, all lead to it - the happiness, glory , pain and the rest are but transient images that one percieves them as ..........

having said that - take care pal

Di said...

Hope is wat ultimately lets you wake up everyday and gather the courage to wish for a day better than all those in the past.Thats ...wat lets us live.. :)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by at my blog. We all go through these moments, don't we? I feel that sometimes every second is a decision to be made... what to do with life!

Life Lover said...

the protagonist doesn't remember what hope is....hmmm, nothing can be sadder than that...I cant even begin to put myself in his shoes... nahi chal sakti, the shoes don't fit ;) just kidding, but here's what I think-- a long walk in solitude and then meeting up with someone who you really want to talk to can end the toughest of phases...good luck to 'him'.

Assaulted Peanut said...

Please ask the protagonist to refer to a post named "Hope springs eternal" on my blog.. :D

Strider said...

yeah , the key is to move isnt it?

@the black king:
wah! man gaye yaar! :)

yes life is forever a journey!
especially if u live arnd 25 kms from ur office like I do! :P

jokes apart, gotta agree with u!
its all part of the journey!

hope, yeah!
but why is ur status "smile,tomo will be worse"!!

welcome to gliba!
to quote an oft quoted line "the problem is choice"

@life lover
a life without hope is like living in a pg with three dementors na?
yeah amazingly both solitude as well as opening up to a trusted confidante work wonders!

@assaulted peanut
yeah dude! will pass the msg! :D

Di said...

abt the status..thats just for me :D :D havent u heard of double standards.. :P:P

fling said...

sometimes we have to close our eyes and just move on. i would do just that and cross the bridge when i have to.

nice to see u on my blog after a long time.

Strider said...

meri dost hote hue double standards? :O :O
che di :(

close ur eyes and look within?
yes, good thing to do ,,, but I would open mine when I start walkin.. :)

and yeah! wats with the hibernation??