Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy days were here again!!

Well if you are wondering why it's 'were' and not 'are' here's the explaination ... I was in really high spirits (no pun there) and was supposed to write this back then ...
But you know there's something called procrastination and here we are.

Sorry for the digression .... Back to happiness....

Well after that really morose last update , here's the key to happiness.

"Happy is he who choses to be"

and i must add

"Happy is she who choses me"

He he

Jokes apart ( sigh) , that's the key!!
The moment you start searching for happiness Its no longer with you ... Its like a puppy chasing its own tail...

So stop harping on things past , present and to be ....start living your life !!

That's it for now ... keep looking for more.....

1 comment:

Di said...

effect of being called morose,eh...? ;-) not bad..