Friday, March 31, 2006

Me myself and misanthropy

Well have you ever felt like the whole world's breathing down your neck??
I haven't either but it was close...
It seems strange when you dont have one single person in this whole wide world, who knows n understands you... The one person who you can always take for granted.
And in moments of despair what do you think is better confiding in people who dont care or using inanimate things as prop..
Well I think its better getting addicted to inanimate things and being passionate about them rather than having attachements towards fellow supposedly "human" beings.
Attachment's too bad... The happiest person on this earth is the one that has no attachments..
On the other end of the spectrum stands misanthropy.
Is misanthropy good??


Garima said...

Hi Raghu! Nice to know u r back in action on ur blog. Keep blogging and yes i agree, a life without attachments is the best life!

Anonymous said...

Even I've had the same questions. In fact the very same questions and they lead me to the same answers as yours though eventually I had to admit that they were wrong.During the initial phases of my quest I did wonder about loving inanimate objects. But that isn't a healthy idea. Instead you can try loving nature - plants and animals, the air , the sky and little children.
Even without my telling you this God will lead you to the same answers. And don't feel that there's no one in the world who would understand you. Every person on earth can understand every other person. The difficulty is that every person feels that no one would understand them. So they never express themselves entirely.
Let me give you an examlple. Suppose someone did understand you completely, how would they ever admit it since they aren't sure that they are right. And they would feel that suppose they were wrong you wouldn't understand them.
And so every one ends up feeling no one understands them when in reality they are capable of understanding and being understood.
Everyone loves everyone in this world. But they're afraid to admit it because they feel doing this would make them vulnerable.
So don't be sad. Realize that deep within their hearts everyone loves you, even though they may not know this themselves.
And you can always rely on Nature for Love. When the wind blows against your face, know that it is Mother Nature caressing you.
When you eat a sweet fruit, realize that it's been given to you by Mother Nature because she loves you so much.
Love the people around you because even they feel that they are alone and no one understands them( No matter how they present themselves to the world).(Try loving without getting attached).
And I do understand you.

Strider said...

Hi Anonymous..

Thank you for your insightful comment. It really helped :-)
But by the looks of it you seem to be a friend of mine..
If yes please do reveal who you are..
Thanks once again..

Di said...

hello mr.morose...cheer up isnt tht bad yaar...look around..mayb u rnt lookin hard enuf for ur friend...the world is actually full of wonderful people..we just dont seem to recognize them all the time..:-)

karthikeyan said...

hi raghu.i'll have say about u in the coming days.take care.