Thursday, May 27, 2004

Welcome to backbencher's haven

During all these years of backbenching we felt the need of a forum in which to exchange news ,trivia and all kind of useless info.
At last we have a place where we can hang out and do our thing( and teach the right way of backbenching).

So, guys and gals this is for you fine people.

Look out for further postings and chillax.

Till then , enjoy backbenching.

In case you are wondering where this backbenching stuff fits in ,let me explain. This blog started out as "Backbencher's Inc". But like a typical backbencher I was lazy and left this blog uncared for. Somewhere down the line "backbencher's Inc" became "Gliba". I promise "Gliba "will be doted upon! Sachhi!!

Thanks for reading the archives!!

1 comment:

Janice D'souza said...

I came across your blog because of the word Gliba. Your writing is a breath of fresh air from the pretentious nonsense other blogs have. Also, why have you stopped writing? Or do you have another blog?